Tree search with heuristics

Search algorithms with heuristics

Find absolute distance from goal for each node. choose node with shortest distance.

Cost of each is \(f(n)=h(n)\), where \(h(n)\) is the heuristic cost of node \(n\).

If the heuristic is admissible, then a* is optimal. Intuitively because the the heuristic steers away from any suboptimal solutions.

Admissible? For all nodes n , h(n)<=h*(n). where h* is true cost


\(g(n)\) is the cost to reach \(n\) from the current position.

Informed: Yes

Time: Exponential

Space: Big, all nodes kept in memory

Complete: Yes

Optimal: Yes, if the heuristic is admissible

Iterative deepening A*